Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East

Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East 40th Birthday Raffle

Proceeds from the raffle will support community-based Mental Health First Aid training

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Terms and Conditions

You must be 18 years or over, and a resident of the state of Victoria in Australia to be eligible to purchase a ticket.

This raffle is being conducted by Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East. Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East has obtained Declared Community Organisation status from the Victorial Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (Organisational Number 61694).

Tickets for this raffle will be available from 9am on 5th April 2021, and will cease to be available at 3pm on 8th August 2021 or when sold out. The total prize pool is valued at $954.50, and there are a maximum of $5727.00 worth of tickets available. The raffle and associated activities will be conducted under the laws of Victoria, Australia.

We are required by law to collect ticket buyers’ contact details in order to confirm winner's details. You agree that the email address you provide during the payment process is considered your personal identity, and that any person whomsoever that has access to email sent to this address is to be considered as authorised to collect any prize.

We are required to provide you with printed tickets. Upon successful payment, you will receive two emails, your raffle tickets and your purchase receipt.

  • Raffle Beneficiary: Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East
  • Ticket Price: ticket information currently not available.
  • Prize List: (with approximate values in descending order)
    • Two Gold Class Tickets - Village Cinemas ($100)
    • Four Plates and Bowls - Tupperware ($40)
    • Sofia Eau De Parfum - Sofia Vergara ($40)
    • Wooden & Shell Salad Servers ($40)
    • Obsession eau de parfum ($40)
    • Red Door - Elizabeth Arden ($30)
    • Aden Beauty ($30)
    • Two Bottles Red Label - Wolf Blass ($30)
    • Knitted Shawl ($30)
    • Lady Vase ($30)
    • Escape - Carolyn Jessop ($26.5)
    • Zonte's Footstep - Chocolate Factory ($25)
    • Slate Serving Board - Cheese Tools - Alex Liddy ($25)
    • Toiletry Bag - Animal Print ($25)
    • Toiletry Bag - Tropical Print ($25)
    • Two Pilsner Capri - Spiegelau ($25)
    • See What You Made Me Do - Jess Hill ($25)
    • Two White Wine Glasses Spiegelau ($25)
    • Acacia 5 Piece Dip Set - Soren ($25)
    • Z & Rose Magnetic Snap Necklace ($25)
    • Be Fabulous Toilet Bag ($25)
    • Gentleman's Collection - Lindeman's ($23)
    • Lost is all the time not spent in love - T'Gallant ($20)
    • Yarra Burn - Brut Bottle Fermented ($20)
    • Slippers, Foot Wash & Foot Crème ($20)
    • Floating Vase - Four round candles ($20)
    • Crochet Lap Blanket ($20)
    • Six Australia Coasters ($20)
    • Four Serving Bowls with Tray - In My Home ($20)
    • Spinning Spa Brush ($20)
    • Lady Plate - Terry Wong ($15)
    • Pamper Hamper ($15)
    • Pottery Ginger Jar - Madras Link ($15)
    • Two Wick Candle - Ylang Ylang Petals & Water Flowers ($15)
    • Z Multicoloured Necklace ($15)
    • Small Pamper Pack - Lavender ($10)
  • Time and Location of Draw: shortly after 3pm on the 8th August 2021 at the Frankston International Motel, 383-389 Nepean Highway, Frankston, Victoria 3199.
  • Winner Notification and Publication Method: winners will be notified by email and must make arrangements to pick up their prize within two weeks. It is important that you reply to that notification email and organise collection of your prize. A failure to respond within two weeks might result in your forfeiting the prize, and it being offered to the next person by random draw from the remaining tickets. A complete list of winners will be published to the Zonta Club of Melbourne's South East website.

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